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Download Accelerator Manager

Empowers you to download Internet files and Web videos
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Download Accelerator Manager can help you grab various types of contents from the Internet. As other downloaders, this application not only helps you to manage your downloads but also speeds you this process. In addition, it supports pausing and resuming downloads, provided the source server allows it.

The program has a nice interface, which is so similar to those of other popular downloaders that you can start using it right away without even needing to consult the accompanying help documentation. It has different folders in which files are organized according to their categories and status, which makes it easy to find a specific job.

Moreover, this tool supports various ways to start a download. Thus, you can simply enter the desired URL or let the program automatically detect downloadable contents while you are surfing the web on most popular browsers. In addition, it shows a floating area on your screen onto which you can simply drop the target link. Finally, download jobs can be scheduled to start at a specific time, which prevents them from tampering your browsing speed. Another way to regulate traffic is by setting a slower download speed. By the way, the program is supposed to accelerate downloads up to a rate of 35x.

Fortunately, the downloader supports various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. Yet, it does not seem to allow torrents. I am glad to say that it can work through proxies and firewalls without problems. Likewise, it can grab contents from sites that are protected by password or use cookies. It is also good that it will succeed in downloading contents even when the target site redirects you to another URL.

In general, Download Accelerator Manager is not very different from other applications of its type. Luckily, it has a free edition, so you can try it, and if you are satisfied with this product and need more features, you can buy its ultimate edition, which offers even faster downloads, advanced management options and quicker video downloading.

Pedro Castro
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  • Pausing and resuming support
  • Monitors downloadable contents
  • Compatible with multiple browsers
  • High acceleration rate
  • Job scheduling
  • Various protocols supported
  • Allows password protected sites
  • Proxies supported


  • Downloading torrents not supported
  • Downloading complete websites not possible
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